Drive sales with features made specifically for nightclubs, lounges, hotels and bars. Whether it is event management, tracking customers, or even managing staff and promoters, our features can help you run your venue like a PRO.

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Run your venue on NightPro

Whether you operate a single venue or multiple venues around the world, run every night like a pro. Keep track of your customers, manage reservations, and drive sales from a single platform.

Manage tables and your venue's layout with NightPro

Event Management

Publish upcoming events, sell tickets and sell tables directly from your website. Control ticket pricing and table availability in real time.

Customer CRM

Centralize customer data, including spends and history across all of your venues.

Table Management

Real time availability and locations for your tables. Use NightPro’s interactive floor plans to assign tables. Track incoming VIPs and reservations.

Event Dashboard

Create and edit your events on NightPro’s event dashboard. See upcoming events and compare the performance of past events. Promote links for guests to reserve tables, purchase tickets, or join the guest list. Ensure that your customers are always getting up to date information by enabling plugins between your website and NightPro's event dashboard.

Manage your upcoming events with NightPro

Ticketing & Guestlist

Integrate NightPro into your website for instant guests lists, and up to date ticket availability. Use NightPro at the door to check-in your guest list and tickets.

Manage your tickets and guestlist with NightPro

Your Staff

Manage promoters, sub-promoters, servers, hosts, and staff. NightPro is available on the web, as well as mobile devices via iPhone & Android apps. No matter where you are, make sure that your staff has access to the most up to date information.


Enable promoters to enter their sales directly into NightPro. No more texting or phone calls about pricing or table availability. Create unique affiliate links for your employees and promoters to send to customers.

Customer CRM

Know your clients better than ever with NightPro’s Customer Database. View their profiles and history. Help your staff ensure the highest level of service for your best customers.

See data on customers with the Customer CRM

Staff Performance

Identify your top performers and know exactly how much they are selling. Track performance over time, and calculate commissions for your team and venue’s promoters.

See data on how your staff are performing


Visualize table minimums and revenue over time. Breakdown your sales by staff member, or which promoter created the reservation. Identify your top performers and see how your night is performing week over week.

How does tonight compare to last week? Dial into your data with NightPro

Website Integration

Post events and enable affiliate links to instantly sell tickets, tables, or packages directly from your own website. Customer reservations and inquiries will be automatically entered into NightPro with our seamless integration.

Sell in Real Time

Sync your website’s ‘Guest List’ and ‘Table Request’ forms with NightPro. Contacts appear instantly in NightPro. Allow consumers to purchase directly from your website. No more phone calls. Collect money up front.

*Powered by Tablelist

Show your venue and events on Tablelist's consumer platform Tablelist Icon

Tablelist Integration

Promote your venue and events to consumers like never before using Tablelist. Tablelist is the leading consumer platform for real-time online reservations for nightclubs and events. With over 150k users in 9 cities and growing, your venue will receive additional exposure to a community of nightlife enthusiasts. Inventory and events managed in NightPro will be automatically updated in the Tablelist mobile app.

*Tablelist is currently only available in the USA.

All Features, One Price

Keep track of your customers, manage reservations, and drive sales from a single platform.

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