Event Management

Publish events to your website, promoters, external concierges and partner applications.


Centralize reservation data into a location accesible from anywhere.

Mobile Apps

Enable your entire staff to work on the go with NightPro's mobile apps available on iOS and Android.

Guestlist, Tally & Tickets

Manage and track general admission without slowing down the door.

Table Management

From a few booths to multi-story venues with hundreds of tables, we put realtime availability at your fingertips.

Team Management

Manage hundreds of promoters, sub-promoters, servers, hosts, concierges and staff members.

Integrated Websites

Build NightPro into your website with our simple plugins and event pages.

Customer History

Build a client history and make it available when it matters, helping your staff provide the highest level of service.


Easy to read reports that help operators identify key staff members, track performance and even calculate commissions.

All Features, One Price

Keep track of your customers, manage reservations, and drive sales from a single platform.

$199 / month*

30 day money back guarantee

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*Add additional venues for $199 per month. Questions? Talk to us!